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Cottesmore School

Cottesmore School won the Times Educational Supplement ‘Boarding School of the Year Award 2019’.

Cottesmore is an academic boarding prep school for boys and girls set in the glorious, verdant countryside of West Sussex - its proximity to airports and London make it a popular choice for expats and those with connections to Britain.

“The feeling you get when you walk around the school is ‘I wish I could come here myself’ – I instantly knew there was nowhere better I could ever want to send any of my children.” - Parent

They have been providing excellent preparation for senior boarding schools since 1894 and has long term connections with schools which share Cottesmore’s belief in a nurturing, rounded and dynamic academic education - schools like Eton, Harrow, Downe House and Benenden. Cottesmore achieves excellent academic results.

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The strength of Cottesmore’s academic programme lies within its breadth. There are 21 different curriculum subjects taught: sports and the arts are strong. Through this rich variety of intellectual and practical experience, each girl and boy finds her or his particular strength and this in turn lifts their academic potential.

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Posted: 03.07.2020
Tags:   south & west england   co-ed school   prep school   senior school
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