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Strathallan School

For more than a century, Strathallan School has stayed true to the vision of its founders by providing a rich variety of academic, sporting and extra-curricular activities so that every pupil has the opportunity to excel. Set in 153 acres of magnificent rural Perthshire, with excellent links to international airports in Edinburgh and Glasgow, the school enjoys a wonderful balance of campus buildings, modern residential accommodation and exceptional outdoor facilities. 

"Life is wonderful at Strathallan, and I have made so many friends. The fact that most of the pupils board makes a huge difference to the atmosphere of the School and there is never a dull moment as we have so much to do academically as well as sport, music and activities.”
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Academically, we engage our children. Our teachers are committed professionals who are experts in their fields and our achievements at A-level speak for themselves. In sport and the Arts, we have so much to offer. From enthusiastic
beginners to elite performers, we can help each individual to reach their potential. 

Strathallan is a close, caring community with many years of experience of working with children whose families are based overseas. It’s a school where effort is rewarded, where children feel valued and happy and where they are given the time and encouragement to grow into capable, confident young men and women ready for the challenges that their 
lives will bring.

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Posted: 15.04.2020
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