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Bredon School

Bredon is a small, warm and friendly day and boarding school, where we nurture  and encourage every  child individually.

"The School''s individualised approach and extensive curriculum ensure that every pupil can make progress abnd develop confidence and skills for the future"

The emphasis is just as much on building self-confidence and self-belief as it is about academic achievement. Our inspiring location, wide-ranging curriculum and vast outdoor environment enables all pupils to find an area in which to shine.

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All pupils are helped to achieve their potential by dedicated staff in classes of 12 or fewer. Bredon has a long-established reputation for supporting children with dyslexia and dyspraxia, and an extensive range of specialist technology and tuition allows all pupils to make great progress.

Set in a magnificent rural estate, Bredon has excellent sports facilities, a full working farm and a CISCO Academy. There is an extensive year-round outdoor pursuits programme that includes the Duke of Edinburgh Scheme and wideranging extracurricular activities including horse riding, shooting, music tuition, kayaking and Combined Cadet Force.

Relationships between boarders and their Houseparents are a real strength of the school and at weekends, boarders have a varied programme of trips and visits with sufficient time for them to enjoy their own interests and to relax. Our pupils can expect an inclusive family atmosphere  with plenty of opportunities  to flourish.

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Posted: 15.04.2020
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