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Hurtwood House

Hurtwood House is the only independent boarding school specialising exclusively in the Sixth Form.

"A feeling of wonder grabs you as you walk round the performing arts complex." - (ISI) Independent Schools Inspectorate Report

It concentrates on the 16–18 age range and offers students a caring, residential structure and a commitment to a complete education where culture, sport, friendship and a full range of extra-curricular activities all play an important part. Hugely successful across the whole range of academic subjects,.

Hurtwood House is also widely recognised as having the best Creative and Performing Arts and Media departments in the country and is therefore especially attractive to aspiring actors, directors, film directors, dancers, singers, artists and fashion designers.

Many students now want to leave the traditional school system at 16. They are seeking an environment which is structured and safe, but which is less institutional and better equipped to provide the challenge and stimulation which they are now ready for, and which is therefore better placed to develop their potential. They also require teaching methods which will prepare them for an increasingly competitive world by developing their initiative and encouraging them to think for themselves.

Posted: 15.04.2020
Tags:   london & south east   co-ed school   senior school   sixth form
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