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Clifton College

Clifton College is a school that encourages a lust for life. Located in the vibrant city of Bristol, the College is housed in splendid grand buildings but everything about the education is modern.

"Limitless possibilities"

Excellent academic results are testament to the school's success. Last summer, 76% of A Level grades were A* - B, with 48% A* - A grades. Clifton pupils excel at a wide range of subjects, including the arts and sport, and nearly all leavers go on to the best universities in the UK.

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The core values of the College remain unchanged since it first welcomed pupils in 1862: intellectual agility, a capacity for boldness, social confidence, a sense of fun, strength and decency of character. Today the College continues to offer a tailored education for each child, delivered through exceptional pastoral care, inspirational teaching, diverse and targeted co-curricular activities and excellent facilities.

The Chapel is one of the College's most cherished buildings and the Redgrave is the second largest theatre in Bristol. Superb sporting facilities include The Close and the 90 acre site known as ‘Beggar’s Bush’ which is Bristol’s biggest outdoor sports complex providing all the latest sporting facilities.

Posted: 15.04.2020
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