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Warminster School

Every child has the capacity to enjoy and be good at something. We believe that it’s our job to help them find what that is and nurture it. Every child here is also encouraged to aspire academically and to enjoy their learning.

"Our pupils benefit from a broad and rounded education in a caring and tight-knit community.”

 Young people today face an unpredictable world but there are certain timeless aspects of a genuine education. At Warminster we place strong emphasis on character and values and we want our pupils to leave this school as well-rounded, well-mannered, self-confident, articulate and fundamentally decent people with a sense of duty and integrity. We also equip them with important life skills: emotional intelligence, determination and resilience.

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We offer a wide range of co-curricular opportunities and experiences, and foster a culture of enthusiasm, optimism and ‘getting stuck in’. We prepare our pupils for life beyond school - at university and in the world of work. Most of all, though, we are a community, in which each boy and girl is valued and nurtured on the basis of who they are, whatever their age, natural gifts or background.

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Posted: 15.04.2020
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