Forces Boarding

A British boarding education remains a popular choice for many Forces families due to their requirement to remain mobile, and the disruption to education this can cause. Many families strive to find stability of education and hope their children will find lifelong friendships. Knowing where to begin your search and finding the ideal school for your child’s individual needs can seem like a daunting task. This is where we can help, with 20 years’ experience of offering free and impartial advice, guiding both Forces, and civilian families through the process, and finding their ideal school.


Forces boarding


There is a wealth of wonderful schools in the UK and many may appear similar when you begin to browse the various websites and read through their prospectuses. Delve further and each school offers a unique quality, with a range of what is on offer, from pastoral care, sport, extracurricular activities and varying levels of special educational support available. This is where we can assist your search, by offering free and impartial advice and guidance. Our dedicated team of experienced professionals will help you find the school best suited to the individual needs of your child, and family. We have visited over 350 schools and have first-hand knowledge of what is available to you. We are also aware of which schools may offer extra Forces discount, scholarships and bursaries.


Whether you have personal experience of boarding school, or are a complete novice, let us help remove some of the stress of searching by completing the enquiry form, or contact us directly via email or telephone. By providing us with as much information as possible, you will enable us to help select the most suitable schools for shortlisting.