Visiting Schools

The school visit is very important in the process of choosing a boarding school for your child, we often say, it is not about the buildings and facilities but about the people that you meet.  You need to feel reassured that they are the right people to look after you child. We recommend that international and expatriate families visit 3 or 4 schools and that they have a personal appointment rather than visit on an open day.  Before your appointment to visit the education consultants at Anderson Education will have forwarded a copy of your child’s most recent school report, this will enable the school to arrange the visit to suit the age and interests of the child and family.


Anderson Education are 'supportive, patient and unobtrusive' they really listen to what your child's needs are and match the child to the school perfectly!  When we went to see the school, it ticked all our boxes immediately and Robyn went on to achieve a part scholarship for Drama, which of course we were delighted with! Having to deal with your baby going away is really hard, however, we realised we had to be selfless and Anderson Education helped us make one of the biggest and most difficult decisions easier.



How many pupils are full boarders?

It is important for international and expat boarders that the school has a good full boarding community.  Most international pupils are full boarders, which means that they stay at school most weekends and enjoy a weekend programme of study, outings and activities and entertainment. It is important to check with the school how many of their pupils are full boarders and how many are weekly boarders (who stay at the school during the week and go home at weekends) or flexi boarders who stay 2 or 3 nights each week. A school with a full boarding house at weekends may mean a wider activities programme than a school with few weekend pupils.


What is the breakdown of nationalities?

Boarding schools in the UK offer a well-established international community and are proud to say that they are home to around 30 different nationalities living and learning together.  Staff working with such a diverse community means that they are experienced in welcoming students from overseas, helping them to settle in happily and to quickly feel at ease with boarding life in the UK.  This also gives all students the opportunity to understand different cultures, language, food and traditions which is excellent preparation for their future lives.  Schools appreciate the importance of capping the number of students so that they do not have too many of one nationality in any one year group or boarding house.  When you visit a school we recommend that you ask about the breakdown of nationalities to ensure a good international mix.


Who is the first point of contact for parents?


The first point of contact is usually the House Parent or Academic Tutor, email addresses are provided for quick and easy contact.


Our boarding schools are inspiring young people to achieve in every aspect of their educational experience and preparing each individual for life as well as exams.  Students are encouraged to embrace responsibility, gain independence, develop their talents, liberate their creativity and set their sights high revealing their pathway to future success.